ESET is an antivirus software that offers a lot of features to guard your online security. Independent tests have shown that its security against malware is effective. The suites also include optimization tools that enhance your computer’s performance. It has a classy dashboard and inexpensive pricing. It offers a variety of parental controls to make sure that your children aren’t exposed to content that isn’t appropriate for their age. It also includes an application for managing passwords. It is simple to add passwords from other websites, and also to remember the passwords later. It also comes with anti-theft software that allow you to trace the location of a device that has gone missing.

Its anti-virus engines defend against a variety of threats including ransomware. Its host anxiety prevention system and ransomware shield feature are both strong and effective in preventing attacks from gaining access to your computer. Its banking and payment security feature helps you stay safe when shopping or paying bills using your computer or smartphone. The browser control feature allows you to use a safe browser every time you visit a financial site to prevent hackers from gaining access to your personal information regarding payments.

Customer support is a key part of the ESET experience. The number for customer support is provided in the footer of the site There are also helpful tools available to assist with your queries. The company also has a forum where you can communicate directly with the employees about your concerns or questions.

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